The land of glass and night

Amelia pulled back the curtains, she wasn’t sure why people drew their curtains in the first place, there really seemed no point, as day and night merged together seamlessly, like black paint that had merged with grey. No one knew where one day started and the other one ended. Living in Tromsø, Norway during theContinue reading “The land of glass and night”

The Horse came back alone — Kashariyot

The Horse came back alone. It had always been a possibility but the fact Horse came back at all meant it had been a success. Three had set off Horse, Goat and Sheep, with names changed to mask their true identity. The journey had been arduous and no one really expected the mission to succeedContinue reading “The Horse came back alone — Kashariyot”

Death Head Ring

Albert’s weathered fingers brushed the raised surface of the silver ring and a tear slipped silently down his cheek. He rolled his index finger around the inside of the ring, each indentation of the inscription cutting deeper and deeper into his heart. The past seventy years had not eroded the memories attached to it andContinue reading “Death Head Ring”

Death Bed

“Tom, quick come here,” Mark shouted his colleague, “I need you quick.”             Tom ran over to the door where Mark was standing. Smears of blood, smudged on the glass in the door. A blood curdling hand print visible from the outside, with blood smearing down the glass. With shaky torch lights, the pair gingerlyContinue reading “Death Bed”

Accidental Hero

“This is pathetic, I look stupid.” Gary pulled on the red underpants and looked discouragingly in the mirror. “Apart from anything else I’m going to catch my death, and that’s not to mention the people who are going to pee themselves laughing today.” Gary surveyed his crotch area mentally putting a shield around his netherContinue reading “Accidental Hero”

Sunset before Sunrise

The light shimmered and danced on the rippling waves and the undulations in the sand likened to the desert. Katie sat and pondered the mirage before her. The breeze played upon her scorched cheeks reminding her of the previous day. It seemed so surreal that less than 12 hours ago she had been standing onContinue reading “Sunset before Sunrise”

The Interview – A Drabble

Stand up straight, your life’s in their hands, one wrong word could mess up your plans. Stand, don’t sit, until you are told, answer questions and make them bold. Truth, not lies you’re always found out, when it does you’ll be left with nowt Try not to sweat, it’s not a good look, dress toContinue reading “The Interview – A Drabble”