Life observations

Knock Three Times

Tony tossed in his bed, was that three times he heard a tap on the floor, or was he just dreaming. The girl was sending him crazy, he couldn’t think straight, he couldn’t eat and sleeping, well that was just about impossible. He just needed some kind of indication of how she felt. Many timesContinue reading “Knock Three Times”


I am proud to say I have completed #3ChapterChallenge, writing 3 chapters in 3 weeks. I thought I wouldn’t manage it but it was easier than I thought. I have also been participating in #WRITE2021 and am pleased to say I am 95% of my way through the challenge and should be finished in theContinue reading “Success”

Material Girl

The disco was very crowded but she spotted him standing over by the dance floor, with a group. She had a knack for spotting them now. It wasn’t just the clothes that gave them away, it was their whole demeanour, the way they stood, the way they laughed, but more importantly what they drank. SheContinue reading “Material Girl”

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